The Ball-Stopper Toy Blocker and Furniture Protector
Go Spot Circular Dog Potty System
doggydocks floating water ramp for dogs
The Earth Bowl Collection Eco-Friendly Dog Dinnerware
Paw-Pads Self-Adhesive Traction Pads
Pup-Grass Synthetic Grass Built for Dogs
Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty

More Featured Products from PupGear Corporation:

Pup-Head® Lite-Regular-Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty


Price: $49.99


Pup-Fresh™ Odor Control Granules - 12 Lbs.

Pup-Fresh 6 Lbs.jpg

Price: $24.99


Pup-Zymes™ 1 Quart

Pet Odor Eliminator for Pup-Grass

Price: $19.95


Pup-Pads™ Disposable 10-Pack Mini


Price: $7.99


Pup-Head® Mini-Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

Pup-Head Mini Portable Dog Potty - Pup-Potty

Price: $49.95


Pup-Zymes™ 1 Gallon

Pet Odor Eliminator for Pup-Grass

Price: $49.99


Pup-Head® Regular- Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty

Price: $79.99


Value Pack-Pup-Head® Lite-Regular-Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty


Price: $64.99


PupGear Corporation is an industry leader in the indoor dog potty, puppy, and house-training solution products. Our brands Include Pup-Grass® the first of its kind artificial grass designed specifically for dogs to potty on.

PupGear Brands include Pup-Head® Dog Potty for indoor and outdoor use that is also portable. Our indoor dog potty line includes Pup-Head® Mini Dog Potty, and Go Spot® Circular Dog Potty and Roll ‘N’ Go® the Anytime Dog Potty. Our dog potties are the perfect solution for house training and potty training your puppy or dog. And they make puppy house training a breeze. Pup-Gear has created a complete line of dog potty solution products include Pup-Zymes™ Dog Potty Stain and Odor Eliminator, Pup-Pads™ disposable absorbent doggy pee pads and Pup-Fresh™ Dog Urine And Odor Absorbing Granules.

Other PupGear Brands that offer pet owners lasting solutions include, doggydocks® Floating Water Ramp for Dogs, Paw Pads™ Non-Slip Traction Pads for Senior Dogs and The Ball-Stopper® Toy Blocker and Furniture Protector.

PupGear continues to research the needs of pet owners, so we can develop products that provide solutions for dogs and their owners. We believe that if we solve a few fundamental problems, that pet ownership will increase and our commitment is that all animal shelters will have waiting lines to adopt homeless animals.