New and Improved Paw Pads
Sleeker-Slimmer-Better Traction

New and Improved Paw-Pads Self-Adhesive Traction Pads

The Next Generation of Paw Pads™ are 30% thinner providing 25% better traction and 25% stronger adhesion.

Recommended by Veterinarians, Paw Pads™ are designed to allow a dogs pads to breath. They are so ultra thin that dogs will not notice them.

Paw Pads™ Features:

  • Human Grade Medical Adhesive
  • Non-Toxic and Hypo-Allergenic
  • Ultra Thin Non-Slip Traction
  • Comes in Four Sets per Pack, That’s 80 Individual Pads!

Conditions that Require Adhesive Kit:

  • Old Dog Feet
  • Dry Hyperkeratosis Pads
  • Active Outdoors despite Physical Limitation
  • Neurologic Deficits Causing Feet Rotate With Each Step That Puts Shearing Forces on Paw Pads

    It is not necessary to place Paw Pads on every digit. Using two pads per foot will provide ample traction for most dogs.

    Measuring Guide:

Paw-Pads™ Small/Medium New and Improved Paw Pads™ $34.99  
Paw-Pads™ Large Paw-Pads™ Self-Adhesive Traction Pads - Large 4 sets of 20 Pads (80 Pieces Per Package) $39.99  
Paw Pad™ Adhesive Kit

Get More Mileage out of Paw Pads™. Use to re-secure Paw Pads™ if needed.

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