Pup-Grass® 3' x 5'

Pup-Grass Synthetic Dog Grass

Price: $79.99


Pup-Grass® 3' x 10'

Pup-Grass Synthetic Dog Grass

Price: $129.99


Pup-Grass® 3' x 15'

Pup-Grass Synthetic Dog Grass

Price: $169.99


Pup-Grass® Synthetic Grass Built for Dogs is the original dog potty grass and different than other artificial synthetic grass being market as dog grass. We designed Pup-Grass for dogs and their people.

Our unique proprietary design. Pup-Grass® provides a soft feeling, rich appearance while our unique backing allows for immediate drainage of liquid waste. Antibacterial agents inhibit growth of bacteria.

Pup-Grass® is affordable and durable and it is easy to install over soil or concrete and virtually maintenance free.

Pup-Grass® Features:

  • Instant drainage
  • Lead Free
  • UV Resistant
  • Antibacterial Agent
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Use For: back yards, side yards, patios, dog runs, boarding kennels, doggy day care, dog parks, K9 training facilities

More Information

For dog runs or landscaping ordering and information, please contact our sales department at 702.547.3587

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