doggydocks floating water ramp for dogs

Original doggydocks®

dog going up doggydocks portable floating dog ramp

Price: $345.00


Jumbo doggydocks®

Jumbo doggydocks portable floating dog ramp

Price: $410.00


Folding doggydocks®

Folding doggydocks portable floating dog ramp

Price: $380.00


doggydocks® The Original Dog Boat Ladder,
Pool Pup Pet Water Steps and Pup Steps


Original doggydocks® Floating Water Ramp for Dogs is a floating ramp for dogs that allows dogs to get out of the water onto a boat platform, dock, or swimming pool deck without assistance. doggydocks® simulates a shoreline and works with a dog’s natural instinct. Dogs learn to use it immediately. doggydocks® is truly an interactive water toy that dogs love!

Not only are doggydocks® safer than dog dock ladders, pup-steps, and dog docks doggydocks® are safer for your dog. Dogs are not ergonomically built to climb and serious injuries to hips and joints are common when dogs use dock ladders or steps in water. Moreover, dogs don’t get excited when they see a ladder or stairs on the dock or back of a boat.

doggydocks® was the first product on the market that gives dogs easy access out of the water from docks, pools, and boats. Before there were doggy boat ladders and pet steps, there was doggydocks® Floating Dog Ramp. Our floating boat dock, pool and dock ramp for dogs is portable, lightweight, and attaches to any flat surface easily. When your dog is ready to get out of the water, they swim to the end of the doggydocks® and walk out of the water. doggydocks® are perfect for yachts, pontoon boats, boat docks, and swimming pools. More dogs choose doggydocks® than any other water exit product for dogs.

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Includes the Snapbag™ floatation system. Snapbag™ attaches to the underside of the ramp.

Ramp dimensions: 72" x 20" Weight: 28 lbs. Jumbo size comes with two floatation buoys and rope.

doggydocks® Features:

  • Three specific applications: boat docks, boat platforms, and pools.
  • Designed for any size or breed of dog.
  • Dogs instinctively know how to use it.
  • Made with all marine grade materials including stainless steel hardware, marine board, and UV resistant 100% olefin fibers.
  • Attractive, elegant, modern, streamlined, classic nautical appearance.
  • Compact, low profile, takes less dock space. Lays flat for easy storage.
  • Can be used on sail, motor, pontoon boats or yachts.
  • Use also as a boarding platform from the dock to a boat.
  • Attaches easily to the dock or boat platform.