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Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty

 As the Inventors of The First Portable Indoor Dog Potty, PupGear has set the standard for dog potty systems.  They say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and although many have copied our innovation and products, none have duplicated the quality or uniqueness of our dog potty systems.

Not all dog potties are created equal and if you are house training a puppy, or live in a high rise and need a dog potty solution or your senior canine companion needs help with indoor dog potty issues, we have the right indoor dog potty for you. 

A few things that set our products apart includes, Pup-Grass Synthetic Grass Built for dogs with antimicrobials and a 100% permeable backing that allows liquids to drain instantly. 

Our fitted collection trays and the die cut, heat sealed edges of our Pup-Grass® mats, and of course our proprietary Pup-Scent attractant which is superior to any attractant on the market.

Just ask our customers! The quality of the materials and the care that goes into preparing the final product is evident at first glance!

PupGear has been first to market with innovative solution based products and our success is the result of  our passion for our products and your pet. 

We offer the largest selection of different designs, shapes and sizes and we know we have the right product for your dogs comfort and your convenience.

We are passionate about making a difference for you and your pet and reflects in the success of PupGear brands.  

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